Thursday, 26 April 2012

Things I've Been Doing Since I Returned From Canberra

Our local greengrocer (hello if you're reading!) keeps having all these awesome bargains. Mum made some tasty stuffed capsicums last week for a couple of dollars.

James and I had dinner at The Kyle Bay aka Blakehurst RSL, where two people can share a big seafood board for $38!

It was delicious. Shame about the $14 cocktails though.

I fed my neighbours' cats (hello Max and George if you are reading; nice job overcoming your lack of opposable thumbs) while they were away. When they came back they brought me this fancy package of tea and chocolate!

On the weekend we had everyone over to celebrate my aunty's birthday.

As with every family celebration, there was heaps of food.

About half of it was dessert.

On Monday James and I went to see The Hunger Games. I've wanted to read the book for about two years, and I didn't want to see the movie until I had, but I'm glad we saw it. If you're panicking because you don't know what I wore, don't worry!

The movie was really good and apparently quite true to the book. It was pretty horrific though. I read the plot summary when I first heard of the series and I'm glad I did; if I hadn't known the ending I would not have coped.

Oh, in case anyone didn't know, it's about a crazy dystopia where every year, 24 kids (two from each 'district') have to participate in a televised fight to the death, as a kind of ongoing punishment by the Capitol for the districts' rebellion many years ago.

I'm really excited to read the books. Big W has them on sale, 2 for $20. It would be more tempting were it not for the fact that there are three books in the series.

I didn't do anything for ANZAC day except uni work and online tests for grad jobs. And I ate some of these guys:

Today I had to do a thirty minute quiz at uni. Since I go to uni in another city like a chump, this takes six hours. But when I get back I'm meeting James for sushi, can't wait!

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