Saturday, 7 April 2012

More Like Great Friday

I didn't do anything exciting today besides bake some cookies (recipe to come). But in the evening I went to Emily's and then to Danielle's for her birthday. Hello Emily and Danielle if you're reading!

We had a delicious feast. There was fish pie, veggie quiche, veggie lasagne, lovely little bread rolls plus salad.

For dessert we ate a ricotta tart, along with ice cream, brownies and cookies.

I went for a mod/mime/hamburglar look. I bought this top in year 11, but 50% of the girls were in stripes so perhaps it is in vogue again?

And we had an adorable feline visitor. Hello Felix if you're reading!

It was heaps of fun and it was great to see the girls, especially Sasha, who we all miss since she moved away.

Happy birthday Daz!!

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