Monday, 30 April 2012

Tapas, Indian, Bargains, Brunch

On Thursday James and I had tapas at Rodizio in Cronulla. We used a voucher from LivingSocial.

I've blogged about the exact same meal - a tapas platter for two - once before. It was yummy but I think it would be worth spending a bit extra to choose different dishes.

The decor there is really nice, like a backyard BBQ.

I was wearing a too big smock tunic dress thing by Mink Pink and a knitted cardigan-coat hybrid, both from op shops. It was a bit experimental.

On Friday James and I had dinner with both our sets of parents (hello Joanne, David and Mum if you're reading*) at Murraya. I don't remember everything we ordered but it was all delicious.

I was wearing a different giant smock tunic thing this time but the coatigan and boots were the same. My tights are fleece lined! Cosiest thing in the world.

On Saturday I bravely went to Quick Cuts. For once my hair wasn't completely butchered. Thanks Kim! I also scored a few bargains at Priceline.

The ORLY polish was reduced to five bucks but it needs about six coats so I don't think I'll buy it again. The CoverGirl foundation was $14, not bad!

On Sunday I went to Book Club. We had brunch this month, and in honour of the Royal Anniversary it was a bit English themed.

The book we read was Wool by Hugh Howey, a scifi novella. I liked it; I'm keen to read the rest of the series. Thanks Eleanor for hosting!

Afterwards I ran errands, cleaned out my wardrobe and did some uni work, whilst wearing navy.

At one point James popped round with sticky date puddings and helped me make my bed with my electric blanket. I even took a picture of my neat room and freshly made bed but I guess I lost it.  Try not to be too jealous of my glamourous lifestyle.

On Monday we went to a cafe at uni, Out To Lunch, where I had a tasty orange hot chocolate.

This is actually James's tea, because I can't find my attractive hot chocolate picture either.  This new Blogger is confusing.

Our outfits matched! Red and navy FTW. Not intentional I promise.

I should clean my mirror.

And later we saw The Avengers. It's not exactly movie of the year but I rather enjoyed it. I like superhero movies, and this was a really good superhero movie.

I was a bit confused about the Hulk though. One minute he's fighting the good guys because he can't control himself, the next he's taking instructions and working with everyone. Can anyone explain? Anyway it was still good.

And today my sister got her Ps. Well done Betty!!

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  1. * = no greetings for my Dad, because he is probably the last person who will ever read my blog