Thursday, 28 June 2012


Operation Thrift seems to be going well so far.

The other day Betty made pancakes from scratch for breakfast! At Bay Vista it costs $9 for 2, so really the more home made pancakes you eat, the more you save.

I saw Snow White and the Hunstman on Tuesday. It cost $11 - next time I'll go on Student Monday when it's even less.

It was an okay movie. Charlize was really good and it was all very nice to look at, but that Kristen Stewart isn't a very good actress. Her character was meant, I think, to be feisty but she totally wasn't, and I guess there was meant to be a romance between her and the huntsman but they had so little chemistry that I literally thought I had been mixed up and it was actually a buddy film. So I found that a bit confusing. Otherwise it was good though.

I wore a lot of black.

I went to my Nana's op shop and got some bargains but I don't have any snaps yet. Trust me they are thriftastic.

I made a huge pot of pasta and put individual portions into takeaway containers so I have something for my lunch at work.

My fave thing to put with it is butter and cheese but I might make some pasta salads too with pesto, feta, sundried tomato and rocket. The world of pasta lunches is my oyster. And now I won't waste money on sushi!

James and I had dinner at Mike's in Sylvania. On wednesdays you can get $5 fish and chips! Bargain! Afterwards we had Maccas soft serves for dessert.

Also I bought some of my favourite Cadbury chocolate with all the cool lollies inside it. It was on special so still thrifty.

Kiwifruits were on special too, for TWENTY CENTS. I didn't buy any but that's an amazing bargain.

Also it's Lara's birthday today!  Happy birthday Lara!  Thanks for being a long-time supporter of Expect Cowgirls and its predecessors xx



  1. I saw snow white today! I really enjoyed it though, Charlize was amazing and i usually dislike her! You're right though kstew is so boring. Her only good moments was when she was patting the animals and not speaking. Chris Hemsworth was excellent too i thought and a massive babe!

    1. Yeah he is pretty handsome! Kstew was definitely better when she wasn't speaking. I especially liked her in the scenes where she wasn't even featured.

  2. YAY I LOVE YOU SARAH. best birthday present ever xxxxxx
    p.s. seriously have been waiting to get on here for ages... I fucking hope delta is at kit and kaboodle on saturday night so I can get a second mention!