Monday, 18 June 2012

Copper Pot Indian, Bargains and Ramones

A couple of weeks ago, James and I went to Copper Pot Indian Restaurant at Menai.  As usual, we had a voucher.  I think it cost $35. 

It was a small restaurant and looked a bit old; most of the Indian restaurants I've been to were quite nicely decorated and ambient, which you expect when you are paying more than you would at a local Thai or pizzeria, so I was a little disappointed.

The waitress told us we could each choose any entree from a list, but when we ordered two mixed entrees from the waiter he told us the mixed one was for sharing so we could only have one.  Even though it was the same size as the other entrees, not a double serving.

Anyway, it had a samosa (good, not great), a piece of tandoori chicken (nice but a pretty boring entree), a "kebab" which was really a sausage on a stick (not really my thing but if you like sausages you'll like it) and allegedly an onion bhaji, which seemed to involve many small pieces of fried onion (like the onion rings you get at takeaway shops). 

For the main course, we ordered a butter chicken and some kind of lamb with spinach.

The butter chicken sauce was much thinner than I'm used to, not the rich creamy consistency you get at Murraya.  It tasted nice enough but it didn't have really rich flavours either.  It was more like a good curry from one of those Indian takeaways like Mr India.

The lamb one was a bit hot.  The spinach sauce was really nice, but the meat was quite fatty.  Some people don't mind this but I am a fusspot.

We also had rice, which was fine, and naan breads, which were okay but again, not what I'm used to at Murraya.  They were a bit chewy, not light and fluffy.

Our voucher also included soft drinks, but we didn't want any and we couldn't swap for something else like sparkling water.  We did order tap water, but we had to ask a second time before they brought it.

It wasn't really a bad dining experience but it wasn't an especially good one either.  I suppose I am spoilt from going to Murraya so often, but I don't think I will go back to Copper Pot.  If you aren't accustomed to exceptionally delicious Indian, though, you might find Copper Pot quite satisfactory.

I bought some cool stuff at The Reject Shop.

I got this crazy letter-holding bird for my sister.  It was only $3 and they also had them in orange, yellow and pink.  I might have to go back and grab one for myself.  Don't you think it's so cute and funny?

I'm too cheap to buy body scrub so I normally use exfoliating gloves.  I can't believe supermarkets charge like $6 for them when they are only $2 at junk shops.

I also bought some VO5 hair stuff for $3 - did you know The Reject Shop sells heaps of good hair products and toiletries?  Some of it's "parallel imports" (some of which are good, others not so much) but some of it is just excess stock or discontinued packaging.  I also bought some $2.50 false eyelashes with diamantes because I'm classy like that.

At Priceline, I bought another tube of my favourite mascara, Max Factor False Lash Effect.  They've repackaged so the ones in the old packaging were on sale for $10.  They are normally $25 so quite a bargain.  And the tube is pink.  PINK.

As always they had a big bin of Australis products for $2.99.  I bought this black Mineral Eyeshadow, which was absolute rubbish (I have thrown it away already) and this foam latex Base Eyeshadow Applicator, which was spectacular.  I used it to apply a MAC eyeshadow and it made the colour look SO much more noticeable than when I use a brush.

Here's some Bay Vista desserts.

Sundae was less blurry in real life.

I had butterscotch sauce on my waffles this time but it was a bit too sweet.  I think I will go back to chocolate next time.

My parents gave me a record player a few years ago and I have a great assortment of records.  Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley courtesy of my friend Sarah E (hello if you're reading!).  Blondie and Siouxsie Sioux courtesy of my parents' collection that was still in the house, even when we didn't have anything to play it on.  Village People, Billy Joel, Meat Loaf and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack volumes 1 and 2 from various op shops.  And best of all, Ramones, The Clash, Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys from when my Mum used to be a punk.

Isn't that so awesome that my Mum used to be a punk?

Anyway, this Ramones album, Rocket To Russia, is my favourite.  I listen to it a lot in Winter, because I spend so much time in my room with the heater on, avoiding the outdoors.

I tried on this Basque dress the other day.  I didn't buy it because I wasn't wild about the pattern or the cheap nasty fabric, but I thought it was a very Kate-esque style.

And last but not least, here is a photo of a dinner my Mum cooked.

I thought the green and orange veggies looked pretty attractive.  Does anyone else like Brussels Sprouts, or is it just me?

As you have probably noticed, I have been jazzing up my blog a bit.  There are some new handy features like links to the Facebook and Tumblr, a list of my most popular posts and a pageview counter.  Feel free to check them out if you're so inclined.

Is the layout working okay for everybody?  What broswers are you guys using?  Do you usually keep your Favourites tab open all the time?  I never knew there would be so many factors to consider.


  1. Have you tried Jazzi's indian at sth hurs sarah? It's the best! Staff are so lovely and the water service is exceptional ;)
    ps: the exfoliating gloves are THE BEST! I use them all time :)

    1. I haven't tried Jazzi's yet but I really want to, everyone tells me how good it is! Definitely next on my list. I hope you're buying your gloves at The Reject Shop, otherwise you are getting RIPPED OFF! xx

  2. We'll have to try it. Though it will take some PRETTY DARN GOOD water service to pry The Ship's loyalties away from Murraya.

  3. Also, new layout looks good on Chrome. The left hand column is very Ryan Northesque.

    1. Thanks dawg! Your feedback is appreciated. See you at Jazzi's?

  4. I haven't tried Murraya! I will have to check it out and compare! Also sarah, i want to see some instagram snaps! ;)

    1. You have to try it one day, you will love it! It's in Miranda so you can go to the movies after and then to Chocolateria San Churro, date night! Just for you I will figure out Instagram and put some fancy snaps up tomorrow xx

    2. Yes Ship, get instagram - I just tried to start working it out today and so far I have no clue, but I'm going to persevere because i want to use it in Europe. But I think it will be extra fun if we both have it (I already followed Jess!)

  5. You should try Moti Mahal in Ramsgate too xx

    1. Thanks Meg I will take both of your suggestions on board. Pretty soon you will see some polaroid-esque photos of curry and know that I trust your advice. Besties <3