Friday, 30 November 2012


Before I start talking about how awesome Fridays are, I want to talk about something that isn't awesome: critical complainers.
After yesterday's post it's probably obvious that I don't have anything against complaints or criticisms per se, but some are just tedious and boring and bring everyone down.  There is a time and a place.  Sometimes the time is never and the place is nowhere. 
Hate the hot weather, the nightrider, a government policy you don't actually understand? Get a fan, get a cab, get a clue.  Think someone's university degree is pretty lame compared to yours? Keep that one to yourself, you pretentious butthead.  Unimpressed with a gift from a fan? Shut up Madonna, you're not that great.
It's okay to criticise some things, just don't criticise everything, always! And especially don't keep making the same criticism over and over.  Don't be a Debbie Downer!
If you just can't help being such a grouch, here are some blogs I like that might cheer you up:
Domestic Divinity, which I mentioned recently on the Expect Cowgirls Facebook page, is my second favourite blog after Faux Fuchsia.  It features lots of pictures of lovely things, and I really admire its writer, Mez, because she is very open and shares a lot more than most bloggers do, despite getting some seriously unpleasant commenters.
Me & Mr Oliver is a very recent discovery of mine (Mum, this is the one I was telling you about).  It's like The Julie/Julia Project, only with Jamie Oliver.  In my opinion it's better, because I prefer his recipes, and it's great to see a real person cooking them and getting such good results. 
Lovely Jublies is my new favourite right now.  You know Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds, the fabulous woman who is always doing mad computer stuff while wearing an embellished cardigan and some kind of hair ornament? 
That is what Z dresses like, minus the crazy wigs and plus jewel-encrusted stilettos.
After reading that blog all day yesterday I really felt like I needed to make more of an effort at work.  I couldn't get away with those wild outfits at work but I wore this kind of sticky-outy Basque skirt:
I just wore it with a black singlet and cardigan.  My workplace is very casual and boring.
My cardi was a bit too long and it looked dorky so I copied Z and tied it in a midriff, Mariah Carey style.  My hair was a mess though, I had a vaccination yesterday and my arm is still really sore so I couldn't lift my hand up to my head.
I accessorised with this Valleygirl bow ring feat. greyish-blue stones ($2.95 in a set!) and actual nail polish on my fingernails.  Pinky browny neutral polish, but still.  It's OPI Tickle My France-y.
Obviously I didn't buy a $20 nail polish.  I stole it from Mum.
I also wore these Colette $5.95 earrings:

I'm not necessarily partial to bows, but I am partial to matching.
I'm also partial to a barbecue dinner!
There was haloumi too.  The best start to a weekend.


  1. Excellent work styling. I really only dress like a crazy person on Casual Fridays. The rest of the week I live in stretchy, iron-free dresses and bring the crazy in a discreet way with a brooch.

    Thanks for being so lovely!

    1. Why thank you and thanks for reading! I love your rest-of-the-week style too, that is the look I'll be going for when I start my proper grown-up job in the new year.

      I am always so embarrassed when I gush about other bloggers and then they read my blog, I feel like Drew Barrymore in Riding In Cars With Boys when she writes a poem for the coolest guy in school.