Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Marion Cotillard

How good is Marion Cotillard?

I first saw her in Tim Burton's Big Fish and then in Love Me If You Dare, which is one of the best movies ever made and she is brilliant in it.  That's what the picture of her over on the side is from.
Her costar in it is Guillame Canet and they ended up getting married.  Or maybe they are de factos. 
They have a kid now too. I think that is lovely.
For a while she still wasn't that popular in Hollywood but then she did La Vie En Rose, and now she is in everything!
Probably you have seen her in Inception and the latest Batman movie.

I think she is so classy and glamourous.


  1. Yeah, I think she's one of the world's most beautiful women!

    1. Agreed! Come to think of it, I think she looks a bit like you!

    2. Bahaha! Maybe in as much as we both have humanoid features xx

  2. I love her too. She is so stunning.

    I was tempted to chop my hair off like hers after seeing Inception but wasn't sure if I could pull it off.

    She is also Great in Midnight in Paris.

    1. I liked the Inception hair but I actually prefer it longer!

      I really want to see Midnight in Paris, I was going to go with my boyfriend but I made the mistake of telling him about Woody Allen/Soon Yi and he decided to boycott Woody's movies so we never ended up going. One of these days!