Friday, 9 November 2012

Melbourne Cup!

On Tuesday I went out for Melbourne Cup! I have never gone before because it always falls during exam week so I was pretty excited.

I met Jim for lunch at Miami Ice in Hurstville first. The sandwiches were nice but alas they didn't have any fresh juices or other exciting beverage options.


Not to worry though, when we got to Sweeney's they had special Melbourne Cup cocktails for $10!

They also had horse racing on telly but it was really boring. I couldn't see which horse was mine (My Quest For Peace) so I didn't even know who I was cheering for, and in the end I lost $5. Would not recommend.

The most exciting part was the glamour: everyone looked fab! I'm glad I'm not friends with the 90% of women who think dressing up always means a minidress and platforms, regardless of whether they're going to a club or the races or a wedding or a funeral.

Emily was particularly fabulous:


My dress was from Basque at Myer and my headband thingy is Lady Jayne, from the $1 bin at the chemist.


Jim matched me, sort of, with a purple tie.

He's less blurry in real life.

Gemma was wearing a Basque dress too! I had my eye on the same one on eBay but I missed out, so I was really jealous.

It was actually Gemma's birthday, so Emily and I ran to QVB and grabbed some cupcakes. They were really tasty!

Later we went to Menya for some delicious cheap Japanese food. Gosh I love that place.


And finally we went to some other pub where I stole a floral centrepiece.

I still don't understand why anyone would watch and bet on horse racing on the first Tuesday of November when they don't care about it any other day, but I like it when everyone dresses classy and goes to the pub so I'm giving Melbourne Cup Day two thumbs up!


  1. "And finally we went to some other pub where I stole a floral centrepiece" Hahahahaa oh sarah. Fun day!

    1. It sure was, I'm glad you made it! Your photos of last year were so lovely, if you have any from this year you should blog about it too!

  2. But we on the force love the dry humour of a good expect cowgirls post as much as the next law enforcement agency, so we'll let it slide.

    1. Oh thank you very much. I promise I won't do it again. Until the next time I go somewhere with floral centrepieces.

  3. I only bet during Spring Carnival but it's just a bit of fun. Was down about $100 on Cup Day in the end but all good

    1. Oh my goodness, I would cry if that happened to me! But it doesn't really matter if you are in it for the fun of it, some activities cost well over $100 anyway. And they don't even involve drinking!

  4. Risky behaviour standing on a chair when you have had an alcoholic beverage! Clearly Dad's OH&S lectures have not sunk in :)