Wednesday, 28 November 2012

DFO and Other Bargains

A couple of weeks ago Jimmy and I went to DFO.  I was very strict and only looked at things I really needed.
Like these Leona Edmiston Pins grey tights, because they are my absolue favourites and I got a run in my other pair.  They were $12, which I thought was a rather good price for such nice tights.
I also bought this blue merino knit work top from Jacqui E for $15 and these Portmans sunnies for $5, because I have lost/scratched all my others except for a heart-shaped pair and a fluro pink pair, and I was starting to get embarrassed going out in public wearing novelty sunnies.
Then I went to Hurstville Westfield, which contains many of my favourite shops, such as that huge chemist on the bottom level that sells all sorts of discounted things you can't get anywhere else.
That Garnier body lotion is discontinued now and it is a favourite in our household, so I bought one for me and one for Mum.  The St Ives scrub, which is excellent, only cost $3.50!  The Marc Daniels serum was only $1.  I forget how much the mini deodorant was - you can probably get that anywhere, I just bought it for my travel toiletries bag. 
I was super delighted to find Betty Crocker candles there because I'd finished my strawberry one so I bought a replacement, and a coconut one for my sister.  I think they were $2 or $3 each.
Another shop I love is Gloss, which sells all sorts of cosmetics and accessories really cheap.
All of these were things I had been desperately looking for: nail polish remover pen ($4 instead of $14), an iPhone case (only $5, plus it's pink and glittery and therefore the best), spiral bobby pins for buns (super expensive but I got them for $3!) and this special glitter nail polish remover stuff.
I had read about these special nail polish remover jars on a blog somewhere, it's like a tub of nail polish remover but with a fancy sponge thing in it, and you just pop your finger in, rub it around if you like, wait a minute, then take it out and all the polish is gone.  It is really easy and efficient and somehow less drying than regular remover, plus you don't get white fluff from your Swisspers everywhere.  The review I read said they were awesome but unfortunately couldn't be used with glitter polish - a terrible shame, because that is by far the hardest polish to remove.
So imagine my delight when I discovered a special glitter polish one!  It can still be used for regular polish too, I tested it.
Anyway I was really happy about all my bargains, and especially happy because I only bought things that I needed and had on my shopping list.  Yay! Does anyone have any other bargain tips for me?

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