Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sealevel Again

Jim and I went to Sealevel again on Sunday night.
I love their mini loaves of bread, so cute and yummy.
I started with the semolina squid this time (delicious), and Jimmy had the beetroot ravioli.
We both had the same main:
It was awesome.
This vanilla and cherry creme brulee was a bit ordinary.  The cherry element was just a few cherries chucked into a regular creme brulee, which was kind of weird, plus the custard wasn't set and the top wasn't a proper hard cracky caramel, as you can see.
The flavour was good and it had a silky, creamy texture, but it was just not what we had expected. 
The rest of the meal was still lovely and I will keep going back; I just won't order dessert next time.
Thanks Jimmy for taking me out for a nice evening!

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