Monday, 3 December 2012

More Things I've Been Eating

The other day I met Meg at Westfield (hello if you're reading Meg!) and we stopped at a cafe for a snack.  I don't remember the name but if you're a local, it's the one near La Senza and General Pants and the fancy jeweller.
Meg had some kind of flourless orange and almond type cake and a Diet Coke.
I had a lemon tart.  It was super delicious.
I didn't have a drink because I am thrifty.  And also impoverished - now that I've finished uni I can't get Youth Allowance, and I'll be finishing at my job in a few weeks and I won't start work at my new job until February.  With Christmas coming up and an overseas holiday planned for January I am going to have to super thrifty over the next couple of months so stay tuned.
One good way to be thrifty is to go to Swiss Quattro in Sylvania on a Wednesday night for their amazing special.
Incredible value.
The food is good and pretty cheap too, especially if you split one of their enormous bowls of pasta with your friend.
The house red was actually pretty nice, I'm not sure what it was but it was definitely drinkable.  I didn't drink the white but apparently that was okay too.
A thrifty date idea is to go to the underground food court in Chinatown, like Jim and I did the other day. We like Eating World, which is on the corner of Dixon St.  There's another one which is not on a corner and I hear that was really yuck, but Eating World is great.
They have a bar in the food court, which is pretty fun, and while you are in Chinatown you can also go to Oriental Joint for some cheap fans and jade jewellery, check out the super cheap pastries and take-home bags of dumplings at the bakery, visit a crazy pink beauty store and get a Norgen-Vaaz ice cream.  I think it's the generic version of Haagen-Dazs but whatever it's delicious.
When we were really full we went to Bavarian Beer Cafe for my friend Sarah E's birthday drinks! (Hello if you are reading! Happy birthday!)
Here's a professional-quality photo of me and her and Lara:
I really liked Lara's dress, I want one for myself.
I had this hilarious girl beer, not only was it fruity-flavoured to begin with, they added fruit syrup stuff to it (I chose passionfruit) and served it in a cocktail glass!
Seriously, what?
It was delicious though.
Also check out my Mum's mini meat pies with mashed potato and mushy peas on top:
Did I mention she's from England? (Please also note Emily's Masterchefesque "plating up" with artful tomato sauce distribution technique).
No wonder my jeans feel so tight today.


  1. Hello Shippy! Mmm the cake, diet coke, pasta and nutella pizza were all so yummy. Everything else you ate looks delish too!

    1. It has been a delicious couple of weeks. I predict this trend will continue throughout the summer!

  2. Please invite your friends over for more party pies and frozen delights as I need to clear the freezers to make way for Christmas food. Or, you could just invite James;)

    1. Haha, James is always busy with his fancy job, will have to invite friends for classy oven-bake extravaganza luncheon.