Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I handed in my final essay on Friday evening.  After five years, I've finished uni!  (Well, assuming I don't fail anything this semester, fingers crossed!)

Since then I have been chillin' like a villain, reading magazines, watching Modern Family, eating a lot and hanging with my buds.  It is lovely and relaxing, and now that I have all this spare time I will be blogging all about it so stay tuned! 

In the meantime, the highlight of my day today was coming home from work and turning on the telly just as they called Obama's reelection (hello Mr President if you're reading!).  So pleased!

The lowlight was seeing that there were so many young women among Mitt Romney's supporters, some of them so devastated by the rights and freedoms that will be available to them for another four years that they were in tears.


  1. Oh it was such a good day! My highlights were as follows:

    1. Obvs Obama winning.
    2. Todd Akin losing. What a dick.
    3. Elizabeth Warren winning in the Senate and putting a Democrat back in Teddy Kennedy's seat (ordered restored!).
    4. Watching Anderson Cooper on CNN. What a silver fox.

    My lowlights:
    1.That the Republicans kept the House (I know it was expected, but it still sucks).
    2. That Proposition 34 looks likely to fail in California.
    3. That I had to go to uni right when things were getting exciting.

    I couldn't be happier about four more years of Obama <3

    Oh and a big congrats on finishing uni! Glad you're enjoying your freedom darling xxxx

    1. Gracias darling and thank you for a great comment, I should've commissioned a guest post from you about this! I agree re: proposition 34 - a few weeks ago my brain had a weird moment where I forget the death penalty still existed in developed countries and I was thinking about how shocking it is that it happened so recently, then I remembered that it actually still happens and I almost died myself from the terrible shock of it all.

      So thrilled about Todd Akin! Possibly a bigger highlight than Obama, and a lesson to rape apologists everywhere. Do you read my tumblr ever? There has been a lot of US politics on it lately, you can catch up on all the memes once your exams are done.

      Great about Tammy Baldwin too! I hope she will be as awesome for America as Penny Wong is for Australia. (Not because I am a homophobe who can't tell one gay senator from another, just because I am obsessed with Penny Wong.)

    2. I know, I don't understand why so many Americans (including Obama, in limited circumstances) believe the death penalty is okay. And really, everyone should know by now that they should listen to Martin Sheen:

      Yes I am excited about Tammy too! She seemed really cool how she just made it into a non-issue. I think she'll be great + I'm happy about the states that legalised gay marriage. Haha I love Penny too!

      I just submitted my take home for the day. 2500 words in eight hours was not fun, so I am going to do something much more fun now and check out your tumblr.

      I miss you girl! See you in one week - it's been too long xx

      PS. In my previous comment, *order

    3. You should look at White People Mourning Romney too, such a good laugh.

      President Bartlet always knows what to do. I wish Martin Sheen would run with Aaron Sorkin telling him everything to say and do so life could be like The West Wing for real.

      Hey did you see that conversation between him and Obama before the last election? Aaron Sorkin wrote a new one! I just found out!

  2. Congrats On finishing uni!

    Yay for Obama

    1. Thanks!

      It's such exciting news, I've heard about a million people say yay and only one person say they're upset about it (and she's crazy anyway so it doesn't count).