Sunday, 11 November 2012

Food Glorious Food

I've been eating a lot, for a change.

I went to Swiss Quattro with my family last Monday night to celebrate my sister finishing her HSC (well done Betty!) and me finishing uni. You might remember that my last meal there sucked, but I'm glad I gave it another chance because it was really nice.


I was wary of pasta after last time so I had a calzone: delicious! The pasta was actually good too though. Looks like I'm going back!

On Thursday I hung out with James. We wanted to go to trivia but most people were too busy with exams and such, but we grabbed dinner at Oatley Pub anyway in the Clock and Oyster pizzeria, where we had a calzone. What can I say, I just think pizza tastes better when you fold it in half.

We shared so as not to be greedy, and followed it with a sundae at Bay Vista. It was some kind of Greek themed flavour, featuring rose and pistachio icecreams.  We shared that as well.

Like I said, not greedy.

On Friday I had dinner with James and Rob at Sunny BBQ restaurant in Hurstville. It's the same Sunny as Sunny Bouffler Seafood on Ormonde Parade, which is the best chip shop ever, so I had a good feeling about the restaurant.  We ordered way too much and while I probably wouldn't order any of those dishes again, I'd definitely go back soon and try something else.

The prawns were a bit too salty, but the serving was so generous and amazing value at only $18 for all those nice big prawns.

The duck had all the bones in. I can't be doing with any food that requires that much effort to eat, but the meat was so tender and the flavour was fantastic.

The chicken just wasn't really my thing at all, but the boys enjoyed it so I don't think my dislike of the dish is a reflection on the restaurant at all.

The dim sims rocked though, I'll order them again when I go back. No photo but I'm sure you've seen a dim sim before.

And on Saturday night I went to my Aunty's house for my cousin's birthday! My Uncle is Turkish and his side of the family were all there too, which means loads of lovely food. Whenever I talk about My Turkish Family people think I'm joking but I'm not!

We had all the usual fare plus my favourite rice made by my Uncle's mother and The Best Pide I've Ever Eaten (see photos along the side) featuring yummy toppings like sujuk.

We also had a lovely gelato cake and a baked ricotta cake, the only store-bought one I've ever enjoyed since my Mum started making her own.

It's from a place called Papa's. Danielle if you are reading you have to try this!

After such a food-filled week I'm sure it is no surprise that I spent Sunday stuffing my face at an afternoon tea - snaps to come.

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