Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bits and Bobs

My parents went to New Zealand over the weekend and brought me back some lovely gifts!
This is a tea towel:
I think it looks quite festive in a modern way, I will use it all the time but especially at Christmas.
This one was beautifully wrapped, which always adds to the fun.
It's Hibiscus and Lime scented shower gel and body lotion, omg it smells so good.
Thanks Mum and Dad!
Here's Mila Kunis in a Dior ad:
I have always liked her.
This little stand in the Southgate shopping centre had this sign showing off their posh nail polishes:
But here's the actual nail polish:
They are mostly those Maybelline mini Colorama thingies.  I'm sure they are less than $10 in Australia.
Since when is Brazil known for having special nail polishes anyway, and what does "handpicked" even mean in a polish context? It's not fruit!
Speaking of nail polish, here is mine:
I keep it in a gift box (purchased cheap at Australia Post in January, in a set of four).  The mini box in the back has all my extra things, like my excellent Clinique Deep Comfort hand cream and this very clever glitter polish remover device.
Almost all of the colours are shades of pink or red - I'm adventurous like that - and I nearly always use Ulta3 as it is my fave, but last night I had an urge to use this Satin polish in Number 33 instead.
The quality's not as good as Ulta3.
I bought it last Summer, when I went up to Coffs Harbour with my family for my cousin's wedding.  I had my nails done in OPI Feeling Hot Hot Hot while I was up there with my family, then they came home and Jim and I had our own little trip in Forster for a few days.  While I was there my polish started to chip and I realised Mum had taken the nail polish remover home with her!
I went to the chemist to buy some, then realised it would be better to buy a $2 polish in the same colour and fix it up, saving me a few bucks and giving me several more days out of my manicure.  I rummaged for ages without much hope, then came upon a single bottle of  Number 33, which was a PERFECT match. Amazing!
That bee ring's pretty good too hey? I bought it from the markets at uni for $5.
And now for something completely different, here's an amusing gift bag I saw in Hot Dollar:
Mike Jackson RIP.


  1. I believe the nail polish in Brazil grows on trees like cocoa beans. Amazing work finding a Satin match for OPI, that's some dedication. There's a beauty place in the arcade at Hurstville that currently sells OPI 2 for $25 which is the duty free price of OPI!! Super cheap. However I personally prefer Revlon for the nails, goes on so easily, the polish is nice and thin but gives you great cover with only two coats and chipping is never a problem, a manicure lasts at least two days and by then you wanna change your colour anyway. Target currently has a 40% sale on Revlon polishes but do people do that anymore, shop in the flesh? Thank you for a blog tailored to my number one interest and priority and kudos on the prolific blogging :)

    PS: hot dollar gift bags deserve a whole blog dedicated to their hilarity

    1. Thanks girl! I still buy my polish "in the flesh" but I don't especially like Revlon - I use Revlon top coat, but my Revlon Red always goes a bit weird and I'm not sure why. Disappointing, my old bottle was great but maybe they've moved manufacturing or something.

      Will check out the cheap OPI shop, I think I know the place you mean. Hurstville is the best place to go for all your nail polish and/or beauty needs.

  2. Loving the frequent blogging