Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Kate's Heir

This just in: Kate Middleton is preggers! Woo!
Pic via What Kate Wore
The pregnancy rumours have been constant for the past couple of years, but I really had a feeling they were true this time, and turns out they were!
I'm a bit psychic.
Poor Kate is in the hospital with Hyperemesis Garvidarum, a very severe kind of morning sickness.  I hope she will be all right soon.
They haven't announced the due date yet as the pregnancy is still in its early stages, i.e. the first trimester.  I think the baby will be born in July.
They are taking bets on the name already.  Elizabeth is apparently the hot favourite for a girl, but my money's on Diana as a middle name.
This is all very exciting.  Congratulations William and Kate if you are reading (and I know you are)!

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