Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Four Days, Fifteen Snaps

 On Friday I treated myself to sushi for lunch, since I'd been so busy decluttering all week and there were no leftovers at home anyway.
It was pretty good!
I also decluttered some belts:
Once upon a time I had a hanging rack thing on my bedroom door for stuff like dressing gowns and scarves, but we had new doors put in a while ago and the rack doesn't fit any more.  I moved my scarves to the wardrobe and hung my dressing gowns from the picture rail on the wall behind the door.
I used 1980s-style ornate picture hooks because I just have such good taste when it comes to interior decorating.
This went on for a while but on Friday I realised I thought maybe, just maybe, I could hang the whole hanging rack from the picture rail.  And as it turns out, I was right!
I chucked the pink dressing gown because it's scruffy now and I retrieved this vintage nylon number from a storage box.  It doesn't have a hanging loop so I put it on a hanger suspended from one of the picture hooks.  I love storage solutions!
On Saturday Jim brought me some flowers.
Then I went to my Nana's place to pick up some trifle, and when I got there look what she was doing:
Reading Expect Cowgirls!  And having Happy Hour.
Hello Nana if you're reading!
She had some Christmas decorations up too.
Here is the trifle:
Afterwards I went to my cousin's place for a BBQ.
On Sunday I went to the pub for Ben's birthday.  Happy birthday you lemon!
Meg looked so good in her Summery maxi dress:
FF looked nice too:
Just kidding, that's Emily! Could've fooled me though.
I had one of these lovely cocktails.
It was called a Russian Rose but it tasted quite like a cosmo. Tasty
And when I came home look what I found:
Festive! Thanks Mummy!
On Monday I made my usual lunch:
A handful of rice crackers (these ones are Peckish brand, try them!), a tin of tuna, thirty grams of cheese.  It is a quick and easy but super tasty lunch and I love to eat snacky things because it's like being on holidays.  Kind of a bogan antipasto.  And good news if you're on a diet, because if you buy the light tuna like I do this meal will only have about 1000 kilojoules.
Speaking of diets, that night Jim and I had dinner at the $3.50 sushi place in Cronulla then went to San Churro in Miranda for dessert because I'd had churros on my mind for days.
He had the sundae:
Naturally I had these:
They were so delicious! I'm pretty sad that adults can't get the kids' churros anymore though, they are a much easier serving size, and cheaper of course, but the best bit is they come with sprinkles!
Anyway what have you all been doing, anything?


  1. Being compared to FF, highlight of my life! Thanks Ship!

    Great storage ideas as well!

    1. I see what you did tharr

    2. Teehee I think you have a new highlight now (see below)!

  2. You girls - so styling!

    1. Thanks darling! Ooh not long now 'til you come home!

  3. Faux FF is barely faux!

    I'm now trying not to nag Aaron to take me for churros, they look SO good!

    1. Oh they are so yummy, ever so slightly calorie-heavy but so worth it. Thanks for reading!