Thursday, 6 December 2012

Things I Hate Thursday: Hoarding and Clutter

On Tuesday I decided to do a bit of tidying and made a discovery: I'm living in an episode of Hoarders.

Here is the pile of things I have that are still brand new. There are five pairs of shoes there!!

I do periodically declutter though. Here's the pile of things I'm getting rid of:

That's right, it's smaller than the pile of new things.

I am putting a stop to this before I end up crushed to death by a pile of junk in a house so cluttered it takes weeks for someone to find my body, or rather what's left of it after the stray cats and racoons get to it.

Also I'm going to stop watching Hoarders, it disturbs me.

Step One: taking all of my clothes and shoes out from my wardrobe and the attic (where I keep the clothes that don't fit in my wardrobe) and dumping them in my sister's empty room so I can sort through the whole lot. Ruthlessly.

What is wrong with me? I can't possibly wear all that. I don't even want to! That doesn't even include coats, of which I have 15, or the work clothes I have purchased for next year.

Anyway stay tuned for some Adventures in Decluttering! And tell me your tips if you have any, cause I am really going to need them.

(Sorry if you were expecting something else for Things I Hate Thursday! I was going to talk about Jessica Simpson's ridiculous singing voices, but now all I can think about is this mess.)


  1. I am not kidding, on Tuesday I was going to send you a bunch of photos of clothes I had just culled from my wardrobe and ask if you want them. That would have definitely tipped you over the edge.

    1. Oh my god, if you had I would definitely have said yes and I would be crying right now. I already have enough clothes to fill about 10 laundry baskets.

      Part of me still wants to know if you threw out anything good though. Oh god, what is wrong with me.

  2. Julia, Please no!!

    You need to get your friends over to take what they want and I will happily dispose of the rest of the clutter for you. You must not sit in the car with me while I drive to the op-shop, sobbing that I'm getting rid of your favourite things . I am proud of you for managing to get 5, yes 5, garbage bags of clutter to dispose of :)

    1. I would not have this problem if I hadn't grown up with a mother who kept getting rid of my favourite things! RIP Muttley.