Friday, 7 December 2012

The Last Few Days In Pictures

Let's take a little look at what I've been up to lately.
I visited some op shops and in keeping with my shopping ban bought only this $3 retro pie dish. 
I am really pleased about this purchase. It is for when I move out next year, but I think I might have to use it before then.
I went to The Crest on Tuesday with Jim, wearing the pink blouse, navy cardi and navy jeans from my capsule wardrobe:
You can't see it here, but I was also wearing my purple flats, beige handbag and dangly silver earrings that I love.
You also can't see my face but I was wearing that too.
It was $10 schnitzel and pasta night.  I was going to be healthy, but the pasta was boscaiola so I figured I might as well have the chicken.
It was great.  And I ate all my salad too.
I ordered this Vodka Rush because it was only $4, but it was pretty yuck.  My sister would probably like it.
This Midori Splice cocktail was controversial.  They had a fancy little sign advertising the cocktails (all using VOK products so it must be a special VOK promotion and they send the signs out to pubs, I have seen similar elsewhere) saying "$6 cocktails" and they had added their own little sticker saying "Wednesday 7-9.30 and Saturday 9-11" or something. 
It was Tuesday, but I had seen a lady making some earlier so I asked whether they were doing them that night and the lady told me yes.
Then when we got our change it turned out she had charged me $9, because the $6 price is a happy hour special.
Funny how the sign didn't say anything about the $6 cocktails being a discount.
If you tell someone you sell $6 cocktails on Wednesdays and they ask whether they can buy one on a Tuesday, I think you should say "sure, but it will be $9", not just "sure!".
This is why we stopped going there in the first place, they are always doing things that are technically not that dodgy, but are just a bit tricksy.  Like when they have $4 house spirits and you order a gin and tonic and they charge you $6.50, and when you query it they say they used a different gin because they don't have any of the house.
Anyway, after that I had a $4.80 house gin and tonic (from a different bartender, who was great).
I also had a bet on the dogs!
I chose a dog called Leopard Print, because it was called Leopard Print.  After James put the bet on for me he told me it was the worst dog and would probs come last.  And I realised it was the one in the stripey jacket, yuck!  I had serious buyer's remorse.
Then it came second and won me $10.80! My financial woes are over! Thank you Leopard Print if you are reading!
Here's a funny ad I saw the other day:
If you want to join a club for old singles that is only open to university educated people, maybe there is a reason you're over fifty and still single.
Speaking of pretentious, here's Jim looking very spiffy on his way to his Summer Clerkship job at a fancy law firm in the city.  I won't say what it is but if you know me in real life I have probably told you already because I am very proud!
The decluttering continues:
In more cheerful news, James had this iced chocolate beverage from New Zealand Natural and it was amazing.
Here's yesterday's lunch:
And today's:
On Sunday Jim and I went to trivia night at Club Blakehurst and ordered this fantastic seafood board:
It was a little heavier on the fried foods than I'd like and I'm always upset that their "smoked salmon" is actually sashimi salmon, but you get a great variety and the prawns are superb, so for $42 I was pretty happy!
We didn't win trivia, but we won Everyone's Favourite Game (heads and tails) and the prize was a catering size passionfruit cheesecake that weighed over 3 kilos.  Really.
They gave it to us in the cardboard tray, but then they cut us each a piece and plated it up nicely with ice cream for free.  It was really tasty actually.  I may have had two pieces.
Jim and I went out for breakfast at the cafe in Flower Power, where I ordered poached eggs with Hollandaise:
And he ordered a big breakfast:
It was pretty nice but they didn't have any fresh juices, just stuff from a fridge plus coffees etc.  I really just want to have fresh juice with my breakfast.
A reward for a hard day's decluttering.  This icecream sandwich is from Aldi and it was actually so yummy, I wish it hadn't been the last one in the freezer because I could really go for another.  Hey Mum if you're reading could you please get me some of these next time you're at Aldi?
Smoked salmon pasta made by mum:
So yummy.  The salmon was really smokey and delicious.
And look what came for me in today's mail!
It's a beautiful Christmas card from my delightful friend Emily! Thanks Emily! Merry Christmas!


  1. I will definitely purchase some more of those horrid ice cream sandwiches from Aldi because I don't like them.

    Is that the only grocery shopping I need to do before we abandon you over the holidays?

    1. Yes, just twelve boxes of ice cream sandwiches please!