Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Orlando's Trattoria

There's a restaurant in Ramsgate called Orlando's Trattoria, which I have driven past approx. 1 million times in my life.  I've desperately wanted to try it for probably more than 10 years now, but somehow I never had.

Until now!  Last night James and I went there for dinner with his family (hello if you all are reading and thanks for a fun time!) and it was great.

Regular readers will remember that I love old-school Chinese restaurants and my attitude toward Italian restaurants is the same.  Lucky for me, Orlandos' Trattoria was seriously retro.  Flashing OPEN sign, saloon doors leading to the bathrooms, possibly also fake plants and wicker furniture (that could just be my mind using cliches to fill in the blanks though).

This bruschetta was the best.  I don't know how one bruschetta can be better than another but somehow it was.

Entree - salt and pepper calamari.  This batter was a bit different to the regular kind and, in my opinion, much better.  It was so crispy and delicious, and the salad it was with was really tasty too.

Main - veal saltimbocca.  This was really yummy too.  The veggies weren't exactly trendy but the potatoes were delightfully crispy and the tomato sauce on the veal was beautiful.

Dessert - creme caramel.  The presentation alone makes this a 10/10 for me.  I thought that was a glace cherry atop that pile of Dairy Whip, but actually it was a splodge of strawberry sauce.  It reminded me of going to posh restaurants with my parents as a small child in the early 90s.

Here's what I wore:

I'm really loving my $30 SES coat.  It's a bit worn already but at least I'm getting plenty of use out of it.  And it's so cosy!

And here's the red Kmart dress again.  This is getting tatty pretty quickly.  When I was a kid Kmart had a quality guarantee that if kids wore their clothes out before they outgrew them, you could get a refund or something.  I guess things have changed since then.  Still, for $29 it's acceptable.

I'm so glad I finally achieved my dream of going to Orlando's Trattoria.  I'll definitely go there again soon, and you should too.

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