Friday, 13 July 2012

Dinner at Club Central and Some New Things

Look to the left.

What's that?  I've had over 7000 page views! Over a hundred of them were yesterday! In the blogging world that really isn't much at all but I'm pretty excited.  Thanks to all four of my friends, who must have refreshed thirty times a day for me to get to this point.  And hello if you have come here from the Jamie Oliver forums!  You'll need to scroll down to read about his restaurant.

But here's some other food in the meantime!

Last week I met James and Club Central for a drink (we're so posh).  We were going to go to Mortdale for dinner, but then I saw the Club Central restaurant upstairs had a Schnitzel Special for $15.  I can't say no to a Schnitzel Special.

I had veal:

It was totally delicious - tender meat, crispy breadcrumbs, perfectly seasoned. It came with the loveliest crunchy chips and a pretty nice little side salad.

James had chicken:

He said his was really good too.

The garlic bread is really garlicky there and the bread is lovely and fresh, though I prefer mine toasted.

At the ripe old age of 22 I am noticing some little lines around my eyes.  I have my doubts about anti-ageing creams, but I also have my doubts about 22 year olds with wrinkles looking hot so I bought this:

It's only $6 at Chemist Warehouse! SIX DOLLARS!  I think the normal retail price is like $25.

As you can see it is a pretty small jar, but you only need a tiny bit at a time.  I've used it every night since I bought it and I swear the skin around my eyes feels firmer.  Maybe it's just wishful thinking but whatever. 

I also found this Natio eye gel at home to use in the mornings.  I only remember sometimes.  I don't really know if it's the Nivea or this that's responsible for my firmer skin so I guess I'll keep using both of them and hope for the best. 

This was even thriftier than the first cream, becase it was a freebie with some other Natio purchase once upon a time.

My premature midlife crisis wouldn't be complete without a bright pink lipstick:

I bought this BYS one from Kmart for $4.75.  It's a longwear formula - the regular formula costs $3.75, and has a similar colour which I might also buy.

My Mum gave me some presents the other day!

I hate the fake cherry flavour that you often get with lipglosses and lollies, but this Urban Rituelle lipbalm in Cherry is lovely.  It reminds me of redskins, or my Body Shop Cherry Blossom body spray.  The vanilla-scented soap was a freebie.

How cool are those animal print shoe inserts?  Allegedly they make your shoes comfier, even heels.  I will test them out and report back.


  1. Where were those shoe inserts from Sarah?

    1. Just from Kmart! They don't seem to fit that well in my shoes but I will persevere. Probably they'd be fine for someone with non-gigantic feet though. I think it costs $9 for a pack of three pairs!