Sunday, 15 July 2012

18 and The World's Best Pide

Last night I went to my cousin's 18th!

This was my cousin from the Turkish side of my family.  Everyone thinks I am making this up but they are real people, I swear! I am not Turkish but my uncle (my Dad's sister's husband) is.  I love hanging out with my Turkish family because there is so much delicious food.

Mini  cheese and onion quiches made by Mum.


I was so busy photographing the food that I forgot to eat any of this bhuja mix!  Noooo!  It's my favourite snack so I'm kicking myself now, but thank God, I just remembered we have Soy Chips in the kitchen.  That'll do.  Anyway.


We always buy Mrs Quick's sausage rolls from the supermarket, they are by far the best.

We had pide from some place at Haberfield.  Oh my God.  This stuff was AMAZING.  I will never again enjoy Westfield kebab shop pide.

There were heaps of flavours and I grabbed a bit of everything.  One had some kind of meat that I was told was like a Turkish salami.  I don't like salami at all but I tried it anyway and I'm so glad I did, it was fantastic.  One of the best things I have ever eaten. I wish I knew the actual name of it - does anyone?

BTW, if you pronounce this so it rhymes with "ride", or try to be accurate by calling it "pidday", click here.

Mum made these butterfly cakes, they were lovely

Gelato cake!

My lardburger plate.  The other thing is a ricotta cheesecake from some place called Papa's.  It was really yummy, tasted like homemade.

Dad always buys this English beer for my Grandad.  I think it's gross but whatever.

Shall we do some outfit snaps now?

Betty in a Glassons top over a Supre tank dress with SES pleathe jacket and Siren shoes, $30 down from $170.  I loved how she did her hair.

Me in my red Kmart dress ($29) and Target leopard shoes ($10.88?), with Equip gold bangles (part of a huge set I got in a 3 for $10 sale), the Bee Ring and a necklace stolen from Betty.

Ready for a close-up?

How cool is this crazy mirror?

Mum in a Basque sweater dress (40% off, this weekend only!) and my Aunty in what is probably a really thrifty outfit, knowing her. 

As you can see, everyone in my family is as greedy and stingy as I am.

Happy birthday Addi!


  1. i think this is probably your mystery ingredient, super common in turkish pide. i don't know many good turkish restaurants (do you?) but saray's in newtown (opposite oporto's) makes the best pide EVER. you have to go, you will give up on westfield pide for ever.

    1. Yes I think that's it, thanks girl! I don't know any Turkish restaurants but I am going to find out from my fam, naturally when I do I will blog about them. Will check out Saray's as well.

  2. Nice photos, makes my everyday cooking look glam!

    April's blouse was $1, yes one dollar, new. She is The Queen of Thrift Senior.

    1. Mum! Hello! I will never be able to compete with April's thrift. Remember when she wore an eighty-six cent dress to Christmas lunch?

  3. I love Pide,yuuuuum.

    I found your blog last week and I love it, I absolutely love those pictures down the right hand side - nearly wet myself at 'My Heroin'!!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for reading and for the compliment! I've been reading your blog lately too, I really enjoy it. And this is my first comment from a Proper Blogger, yay!

    2. So honoured that you referred to me as a Proper Blogger haha!