Thursday, 19 July 2012

Driving Miss Daiso

James came back from Melbourne the other day and he brought me all these treats from Daiso, the Japanese $2.80 Store.

I looked up what the best Daiso products were and came across a recommendation for this powder foundation.  I didn't think James would know the right one so I didn't bother telling him about it, but amazingly he just happened to choose it!  I really like this product but I think the colour is a little dark for me so I might try to get my hands on a lighter one.

I also got these flashcards for Japanese children learning English.  James thought it was stationery.  I'm not really sure why but they are pretty cute anyway.

This nailpolish is in the shape of a loveheart!!  As you can see it's very sheer but it has a nice shimmer that I think will look really good over another colour.

Disposable underwear.  Hilarious.  Who would actually wear these?

I love this fuchsia and lime green vegetable peeler.  It has a magnet to put it on the fridge too, in case you don't have drawers in your kitchen or something.

I can't really tell because most of the writing on this package is in Japanese, but I think this hairbrush is a special heat-resistant one for blowdrying.  We will soon see.

This "lip cream" (lipbalm) is really moisturising, I love it.  The "jelly" (lipgloss) is good too, just like any other lipgloss.  It's neither overly sticky nor castor-oil greasy, which is good.

And these cute elephant and monkey paper clips will be fun for this coming semester.

Thanks James for all my presents!

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