Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fur Elise

A couple of weeks ago was Lara's birthday and I was supposed to go to Kit and Kaboodle to celebrate.  I love Lara and I love Kit and Kaboodle so I was pretty pumped!

Some of the other girls were also going to K&K the same night, so we met up for dinner first at Thai Passion in World Square.

It was all really yummy, and since it's BYO we took some trivia wine too.  Unfortunately though I left my lipstick behind!  So sad.

Meg's grandmother recently gave her a mink coat that she wanted to wear out, so naturally I joined in.

As is often the case, I swear it's less blurry in real life. 

I do have a fur (I think it's faux but it's very classy) that used to belong to my Nana (hello Nana if you're reading!) but this mink jacket is a hand-me-down from a family friend's daughter's dress up collection.  I've had it since I was a kid, but this was the first time I wore it out.  It's a bit big, but it was SO warm.  I only had on a short-sleeved knit dress that is actually meant to be a long top (classy) and opaque tights, but I was extremely warm all night.

Here's Meg modelling hers:

That's The Newt's car, parked smack in the middle of George St.  Lucky much!

I did feel a bit silly at first, but that ended when I met Lizzie Lovette, who I used to listen to on the radio, and she said we looked glamourous.  Then a tourist stopped us and asked whereabouts in Sydney she could buy fur jackets like ours.  Stuff like that doesn't usually happen to me so I was pretty excited.

We made some friends:

Then we stopped for a quick beverage at this swanky old fashioned place called Eau de Vie in Darlo.  Our fur coats felt right at home.

And naturally we stopped at King's Cross Maccas for a Happy Meal.

Finally we made it to Kit and Kaboodle, but I couldn't find Lara anywhere!  I thought maybe I got the wrong stamp so I even walked down to the door and checked with the lady about the guest list and she told me I was on the right level.  Maybe everyone had left already and gone somewhere else?

Lara I am really sorry that I somehow dogged your birthday!  I feel really bad!

...I still had an awesome night though.


  1. haha I didn't even realise you were there until I saw photos of you in the kit and kaboodle album! we were on the level below. I kept trying to get up to that level but was too drunk to operate stairs. thanks so much for coming regardless xx

    1. Haha oh I should have checked the lower level! I wanted to check the very top (best) level but the buttheads wouldn't let me up. Oh well thanks for inviting me, I did have fun! Maybe next year I will even get to see you.

  2. Such a fun night! Love you <3