Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Greedy Guts

Our second day of work involved a great selection of sandwiches at lunch:

I wore the dress that I wore to Melbourne Cup.

And we went to visit a car dealership, where I admired this charming vehicle:

I ordered one!

Here is a distinctly Melbourne sight:

Williamstown is full of ice cream places, including this Ye Olde Icecreame Shoppe style place that allegedly has Australia's largest range of flavoures.

I ordered LAVENDER and it was pretty good.  It tasted exactly like I expected.

It was so huge though and I couldn't eat it fast enough so there is now some on my dress.

I was full as a good but we went out for dinner at St Kilda.

Pimms woo! (Hello MSB if you're reading.)

We got this awesome mix of tapas, it was something like $50 for ten choices.  Useful if you're doing frugal Feb!

My pasta main was pretty rad but a bit heavy on the olive oil.

Here's a patisserie that we didn't eat at, but how good does it look?

We've been hanging out at the beach a lot too:

The first time we went I didn't really care for it because it was crazy hot and did not have any waves.  But now I love it.

There is a super Mexican place here too.

We got this enourmous banquet, oh my god I was so full, but everything was delicious.

Especially this make-your-own-soft-taco thing.

It even included dessert!
I had a gigantic chocolate mousse.  The thing on the left is something with kahlua.
I'll have to ask my housemates to roll me onto the plane when we come home.
P.S. HEY MUM AND DAD IF YOU'RE READING: please, please tape A Single Man for me on SBS on Saturday night.  I think it's on at 9.30.


  1. Lavender ice cream sounds really cool!

    1. It is! I really liked it, try it if you get a chance.