Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cookie Time! And Lebanese.

Does everyone else love fresh baked cookies as much as I do? Here are some I made last week:

They are from the Family Circle Gorgeous Biscuits cookbook circa a million years ago; they are supposed to be choc mint but I didn't use peppermint essence this time because some loser said he didn't want it.

I was really craving some Middle Eastern food so we went to this Lebanese restaurant in Brunswick East. Or somewhere.

I liked this bread:

Would you believe it was less blurry in real life?

The hummus was a let down.  It tasted like Chris's dips.

I think everyone else liked it but I was pretty disappointed, it was not on par with what you get at my fave places in Surry Hills, or my aunty's house.
If anyone knows a good Lebanese or similar restaurant in Melbourne that I will like please let me know!

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