Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentine's Weekend

I didn't see Jim on Val Day but he came to visit me on the weekend.

We stayed at Rydges on Exhibition St in the city.  The room was smallish but very nice.

The service was excellent too.  All the staff at the front desk were super helpful, even when a couple threw a highly embarrassing tantrum while we were checking out (hello ridiculous couple if you're reading).
James arrived really late on the first night so we didn't go out for dinner, I just ate some crackers and pate in the room.  I won't lie, it was one of the best dinners I've had down here.
(Don't worry Mum, I still love your pate the most.)

We had a great breakfast in some laneway:

And a picnic lunch:

Check it out:

Savoys! (FYI that's what they call Jatz crackers here.  I don't know why.)

Then we went out for dinner at a restaurant near the hotel called Society.

Normally I am allergic to red wine but they had an organic one so I had a glass, it was pretty good.

Look what we spotted outside our hotel:

The next day we had another good breakfast at a different cafe in the same laneway:

We both ordered sweet corn fritters with prosciutto, rocket, poached egg and tomato relish.  Super tasty.

Then we went for lunch at China Bar buffet, which was like five metres away from the hotel.

It was good and only $33, but I think the dinner would be even better.

We wandered about and stopped at a few places for drinks.

Those things are pints.  They are really too huge to drink, but the alternative here is called a pot, which is a super tiny baby-sized glass.  I guess schooners haven't been invented here yet.

After Jimmy went to the airport I came home and cleaned my bathroom.  Adulting FTW.

Thanks for a nice weekend Jimmy!

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