Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Bit More Food And Stuff

Yesterday was super hot so I went to the beach with a bunch of my coworkers (hello if you're reading!).  It was the best thing ever, we stayed for about three and a half hours.

Afterwards we had dinner at Al Porto Vecchio again.

The steak was a bit overdone but otherwise v tasty.

It was such a fun night, thanks everyone for being so awesome!

Tonight I had a burger for dinner from Burger Culture.

It was totes delish.  This one was called the New Yorker, which is just a basic burger, but they had heaps of options and I bet they'd all be fantastic.  It's no The London, Canberra, but it was pretty damn good.
I also ate a hash brown, an egg, half a roast chicken, potato wedges, two lemonade icy poles and half a chocolate bar today.  I feel like such a heiffer.

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