Tuesday, 19 February 2013

See My Vest, See My Vest

We had tapas at some place in Williamstown the other night.  They had heaps of nice options on the menu but I thought the food was good-not-great.  Those huge fried things are meant to be zucchini flowers, what?

Nice place though and good service, I'd probably go back.

That was "Canadian Wedges".  I thought it would be like poutine, but it was actually just cheese and bacon on top - which would be delicious if it had been grilled, instead of microwaved.  Ugh.  Everyone else liked it though.

I made my housemates participate in an experiment of telling the difference between tonic, soda water and sparkling mineral water.  We couldn't be sure which was which out of soda and sparkling, but everyone successfully picked the tonic.  (Emily are you reading this?)

It was John's birthday on our first weekend here so we had a few drinks and snacks at the house.  If you know me in real life (i.e. all but about three of you), you know what that means:

Castle dip! (Hey Pistolzzzz)
Naturally I made cupcakes too but we actually didn't eat them til the next day.  Mmmmmm.
Anyway happy birthday John!

Here's me in my sexy tradie outfit.

I liked the fluro orange so much I got it in a jumpsuit too.

Flashdance moment:

We went out for breakfast to some cafe.

I forgot to take a photo of my own breakfast (what a dweeb) but it was delicious - eggs Royale! (Like Benedict, but with salmon.)  I ordered sides of spinach and avocado but alas they were both yuck.

The house has a well-stocked bookshelf.  I have wanted to read this for ages:

Lucky I did because it was SO GOOD.  It is one of my favourites now.  If you haven't read it yet sort that out ASAP.


  1. Eggs Royale? What do they call a Big Mac?

    1. Hahahahahaha. Honestly, going by their beers, I'm inclined to think that you can only order a cheeseburger or a quadruple quarter pounder.

      Eggs Royale is also the name for that dish in Sydney though, that isn't a Malbourne thing. Unlike the many whacky words that are Malbourne things. I'll blog about them later.

  2. G without the T please!20 February 2013 at 11:40

    So what is the difference between soda and tonic water? Tonic is sweeter perhaps? I have to say neither do anything for me, I will pick sugared up lemonade any day of the week!

    1. Soda water is like tap water with bubbles and sodium. Tonic is flavoured with quinine, which has a bitter lemon sort of flavour, plus sugar to make it drinkable. Haha, you're hilarious!