Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Hello! If you didn't already know, I am working in Melbourne, or Malbourne in the local dialect, for the first month of my new job.

It is brilliant! There are a whole bunch of other people here too so it is heaps of fun.

And also frugal, because pretty much everything is provided.

I flew down on a free flight, eating a free cookie and reading a book my Nana (hello Nana if you're reading) passed on to me.

I came to my free share house, which is v lovely and full of rad people (hello rad people if you're reading!).

My room - the best one!
It's in Williamstown, which is quiet but nice, and full of good restaurants. The first one we tried was El Burro. We had tapas and paella. I liked it all. It was decent value, not super thrifty but we get a meal allowance, so it's frugal for me!

This beef was less blurry in real life.
Our first day of work was just induction stuff, like have good posture at your desk, don't hit on each other, get a super fund. And we got lunch, which in addition to being free was mega tasty.

Dinner was tasty too. I actually didn't love either of my dishes but I just ordered badly, the restaurant itself was great.


  1. Food looks amazing! yummm. Hope you're having fun :)

    1. Jess it is SO amazing, I am having a super time!

  2. I hope you have some stretchy clothes to wear after your month in Malbourne.

    1. I hope you have another child with a Top Job to take care of you in your old age.