Friday, 23 September 2011

Two Little Ducks

Yesterday was my birthday! I spent the morning drawing demand curves for my economics essay. It was pretty awesome, I won't lie. But when I finished I made this tasty birthday lunch of a tuna and cheese open melt.

Then I went shopping with my birthday money and bought a dress and these shoes.

They were $99 but there was a 50% off sale, and since these were the display pair and were a little bit worn they lady knocked them down to $40. Bargain!!

My parents gave me some colourful cheese knives, body scrub, shower gel, this awesome book and a soap dispenser in the shape of a pig!! You can use it for tomato sauce too. Well, instead.

They gave me a leopard print cardi and a black slip too.

I'm also getting a subscription to STYD if I ever get around to ordering it, and an extra surprise that hasn't been delivered yet, I wonder what it is?

And James gave me this ring!

It's less blurry in real life. It's a gold band with 3 sapphires, the two on the sides are a slightly lighter colour than the one in the middle. Between the sapphires are 2 little diamonds on each side. I love it!! Thanks Jimmy if you're reading.

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