Saturday, 17 September 2011

Date Night at Shangri-La

Last week James and I decided to go to this Chinese place he'd been wanting to try for ages, because allegedly it smelled so great. First we went for a pre-dinner drink at The Ritz. I had a vodka, lime and soda and it sucked - the soda was flat! But their toilets had one of those fancy rooms where you can sit on a chair and put on makeup.

When we got to the restaurant it turned out to be one of those hot pot places where you cook your own food. We decided against it because, come on, why would you go out and spend money only to cook your own dinner? We ended up at Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant in the Cazbah, where I used to go when I was little, and it was as awesome as I remembered. I hardly ever eat Chinese but now I don't know why because this stuff rulz.
I had the same thing I always used to get - Lemon Chicken with the sauce separate. Not very authentic but my God, this was delicious.

James ordered this tasty garlic beef:

It was the Greatest Dinner Ever and I am definitely going to be eating more Chinese from now on. And since it seems to be the done thing, here is a picture of what I was wearing while I was eating this amazing dinner:

Don't mind the mark on my jumper, I accidentally knocked over a bottle of water on my desk. Smooth.

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