Friday, 23 September 2011

Scavengebeer Hunt

I had my birthday celebrations last weekend! First the girls came over in the afternoon. I wasn't expecting anyone to get me a present but I got these lovely flowers:

And all this- macaron mix, photoframe, goodies from Lush, Coca Cola Lipsmackers, Scrabble teatowel, make-your-own-snowglobe kit, delicious cookies.

Plus this Harry Potter balloon!!

I made this sweet potato fritata which was yummy but way too difficult to make.

I need to find another recipe for this. Anyone got one?

The girls all brought food too, including this lovely chocolate birthday cake.

I think it is a Nigella recipe.

And here is a cracker with my favourite homemade carrot dip, which nobody but me seems to like. More for me!

You just puree a few cooked carrots, mix them with Philly and add a bit of garlic. I add Sambal Olek too for extra deliciousness.

Then we went out for a Scavengebeer Hunt - like a scavenger hunt, but with drinking!


We had to solve clues to get to a bunch of different places and drink at each of them. One of them was Carmen's; I never thought I'd see this:

(It's still a hole.)

The girls' team did heaps of extra things for bonus points too, including a photo hugging an old lady, a photo with a fireman, swapping shirts with a stranger, having a drink with a cocktail umbrella in it, and having a drink with an actual umbrella in it:

We were the last to arrive at the final destination but we scored so many bonus points that we won!! Good work girls! Chasing a firetruck down the street really paid off.

Afterwards we went to Rob's (thanks Rob!!) to party down.

Thanks everyone for coming and being so much fun!! And thanks James for organising the whole thing, you are the best.

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