Friday, 23 September 2011

Birthday Dinner at The Little Snail

James took me out for dinner on my birthday, to The Little Snail at Pyrmont.

This is the dress I bought with my birthday money - $35 down from $129. I'm sick of all my Winter dresses so this will do very nicely. The photo's a bit blurry cause James took it.

I wore it with beige tights, Kate Middleton style, and these grey shoes:

The restarant was really nice.

They had this cool fish tank too.

We drank this delicious "Pink Blush" sparkling wine.

This pate was almost as good as my Mum's.

It turns out escargot are (is?) really tasty! The garlic sauce was the bomb.

James had this extremely tasty kangaroo. I had beef but the photo looked awful; the kangaroo was a bit nicer anyway.

For dessert we both ordered the same thing: creme caramel. It was awesome!

The service was great too. Our waitress was very French and dressed in a classy black top and fitted skirt with cream and black ballet flats, tres chic.

If you like eating yummy food as much as I do, you should go to The Little Snail ASAP. You won't regret it, trust me. Thanks for a delicious dinner James!


  1. Hey sarah, check out
    It's in Ramsgate, and Ren and I can attest to the degree it schools the little snail in french cuisine haha. The little snail is still good (we went for our 6 months actually), but seriously check this place out, you'll love it! :D

  2. Thanks Jaryd, I'll be sure to check it out!

  3. Very impressed you tried snails, ship! loving all the pics

  4. Hi Em! Honestly they were so yummy, I would definitely order them again. Thanks for reading xx