Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Stuff I Did On The Weekend

I decluttered.

I hate to get rid of books but there was just not enough room on my shelves, and a Sweet Valley University Thriller isn't worth the precious space it takes up.

I baked these biscuits from some dough I had left over from the other day.

I melted some chocolate with cream to make a ganache and mixed in a bit of this:

Can you see where this is going? I ended up with these, they were pretty tasty!

I took them to my Aunty's house, where I ate a Fathers' Day Feast consisting of pasta with garlic prawns and the following delicious items:

I gave my Grandad Doris Day's Greatest Hits. Apparently he loves Doris Day, who knew? I gave my Dad the latest Glee CD. Every time Glee's on TV he tells everyone why he loves it so much: because it's entertainment for the whole family and it doesn't rely on offensive or risque storylines that could be inappropriate for kids.

Apart from the teenage pregnancies. And the drugs. And the drinking. And the sex.

In other news it has been really warm for the past few days, not long 'til Summer!

(And in other other news, till is another word for a cash register; 'til is an abbreviation of until. Get it right people.)

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