Saturday, 23 June 2012

Things I Did During The Week

On Tuesday I went to my Nana's op shop aka Retail Therapy and bought this grey Barkins office dress for $8.

It's quite sack-like because it's a size too big, but I put a belt over it to gather up the excess fabric, and a cardi to hide the gathering:

Betty bought the belt for $3 at an op shop a few years ago and I've had the Tree of Life cardi since 2005 so it's all quite thrifty.

I also saw this blazer there, which I thought was actually really nice but it was too big for me - size 14 I think.  It was only $8 too, I wish it had been my size.

My Mum made toad in the hole for dinner the other night.

This is very English and, despite the name, very tasty.  Amy do you like toad in the hole?

I went to Bay Vista again!

I went a bit crazy and ordered crepes instead of waffles.  They were pretty nice, but the strawberries were underripe.  Even so, I'd order it again.  Only $11!

I went to Trivia Night on Thursday with the girls (hi girls if you're reading!). It was pretty hard this week but we won! The prize was $70 in vouchers, which we used on the spot to buy a few things for the next time we get together at someone's house. So exciting.

And I went to the physio and almost died of pain. That's about everything I did with my first week of holidays. God I'm cool.


  1. Aw no, I don't think I have tried it. For shame!

    I really like the sound of Nana's shop, hey. Def visiting when I get back.

    1. Wow Amy I am shocked! When you get back we will have to organise a day of op-shopping and English food eating. For dessert we can eat the hundreds of Mr Kipling's French Fancies you will be bringing back for me.