Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hello! I live here!

So guess what, a while ago I moved out of my parents' house and into an apartment! (ETA: Sorry, I just realised these pictures have come out really dodgy, I'm not sure why.)

James lives in it too. 

It has two bedrooms but I can't show you the second one - it's called the Reading Room but right now it's actually the Making A Mess Of Papers While I Set Up A Filing System Room. 

I love the timber floors, the spacious living area (I designated a DANCE FLOOR, you guys!) and the fact that it's on a corner, so we have heaps of windows to let the afternoon sun in and two balconies, so we can have BBQs on one while our laundry hangs hidden on the other. 

I don't love the lack of gas and air conditioning, but them's the breaks I guess. 

We actually moved in on the Easter Weekend. Giant thanks to all the wonderful people who gave up the time and/or vehicles to help us move in, we are eternally grateful!

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