Friday, 5 July 2013


I am trying very hard right now to recommit to Thrift. We drifted apart for a while but I'm ready to settle down now and get serious about saving my money. 

In pursuit of this I recently gave up my search for a new pair of boots and had the broken heel on my old Court Couture "Pearly" boots fixed. It cost $17.50 and the guy even polished them for me, they came up a treat!

On one hand it seems crazy to spend that much money on two tiny pieces of rubber, especially when the boots were only $69 in the shop. On the other, it is still cheaper and less wasteful than buying a brand new pair - and anyway, I couldn't find any that weren't miles too big around the calves. 

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not confused with intentionally slouchy boots either - I'm talking about smart fitted boots that are so loose I look like a toddler in Daddy's wellies. I am certain I don't have abnormally skinny calves so why is this always the case?

Anyway I am delighted to have some boots in rotation again!

I celebrated by wearing them with fleece tights and my Plus Size Top dress last night to eat pho at The Meridian in Hurstville. 

It wasn't as good as the pho in Vietnam, but I liked it anyway. It got me thinking about whether it is necessarily better for food to be "authentic"...

In other thrift news here's what I wore to work on Wednesday: a black wrap dress purchased from Dotti in 2005 for $60. 

It was a lot for me to spend on a dress when I was 15 (it's a lot for me to spend on a dress now!) but I wanted something nice to wear on a date. The boyfriend wasn't much chop but the dress turned out to be The One. I can wear it anywhere, with anything, it's as comfy as all get out and it's still standing - and fitting! - after eight years. What's not to love?

Today for work I wore a Barbie watch my Dad bought for me in Europe circa 1997 and this jade bangle James's parents gave me for my 21st. It's from Hong Kong. 

A wise woman once said that the only thing separating us from the animals is our ability to accessorise. I'm inclined to agree. 

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  1. I have the opposite problem and can never find boots to fit my calves - I have to get them professionally stretched