Saturday, 13 July 2013


I have Delayed Sleep-Phase Disorder, which is a fancy way of saying I should have been an owl as I am pretty much nocturnal, so I have historically been pretty rubbish at falling asleep (but good at sleeping the morning away once I do). 

The routine of full time work is much more conducive to "normal" sleep patterns than uni (as is the fact that my work doesn't generally come home with me like assignments and study obviously would), so I've had more success with my sleep over the past few months. But lately I seem to have traded one sleep disorder for another and right now I am suffering from what can only be described as insomnia. 

I woke up super early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so it's no surprise I came home exhausted (the post-work cocktails may have contributed...) and was fast asleep by ten. What is a surprise is that at one thirty I was wide awake. Grrr. 

On the bright side, these sleepless nights give me lots more time to think about interesting things. Let's discuss. 

Thrift. I scored a couple of good work dresses (Cue and David Lawrence, both black, one in need of some alterations) from Vincenzo's at Miranda not long ago, and when I went back the other day I found a sequinned Country Road cardi that I am looking forward to wearing. I also have my eye on a big mirror from Hurstville Vincenzo's ($10!!) so I can turn my chest of drawers into a dressing table. 

Travel. Long-time readers will know all about my friend Meg (50% of long-time readers are my friend Meg - hello!). She's gone to Russia! How fabulous! My Mum and Nana are in England right now (hello if you are reading!) and my sister (who does not read my blog, ouch) is about to go to Thailand with her beau. I want to go on holidays too! Where shall I go, Reader? How can I get rich quick to finance it?

Tapas. Lately I'm consumed with this idea of making tapas at home. But not like buying lots of fancy ingredients to make complicated authentic recipes - I just want to whip up my own version with whatever's lying around. Patatas Bravas would be easy but apart from that all I can think of is to cook everything in garlic and olive oil. Which is pretty much how I roll with savoury cooking.

This post was brought to you by the letter T and the number 45, which is about how many hours I've been tossing and turning for. 

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