Monday, 14 April 2014

Weekend Activities

Last weekend I went out with the girls (hello girls if you are reading!) on Friday night to Lobo Plantation. The drinks were great but it was really packed - luckily we had the sense to invite ourselves to join someone else's table. 

This beverage was called a Communist Sour and it was very nice indeed.

Afterwards we went to Barbershop. I had never been before and I can't say I feel like I've been missing out on much. It was a fun night though!

The next day James and I went to Xtract in Rockers for lunch. I had a smoked salmon omelette which was pretty nice but James won with this excellent "Lebanese Tapas".

I felt pretty sick so I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed but I dragged myself out for a birthday party. There was a giant outdoor movie screen and the backyard was full of blankets and chairs and decorated with lanterns and fairy lights. It was fantastic!

Happy birthday Steph! Thanks for having us and well done Ben and Momz on building the screen!

On Sunday James and I went to Foodies for this amazing Nutella shake.

This weekend we went to the Organic Foodies Market at Ramsgate Public School. Highly recommended.  Just look at this beautiful fresh produce:

We bought some! And some breakfast from the Fritter House.

The bacon was way overcooked and the tomato relish tasted like Maccas Secret Sauce but the fritters themselves were top notch and pretty reasonably priced.

But I think the highlight of the event was this stall:

It's just a shop of leopard print things! That's all they sold! Apart from (weirdly) ONE orange top.

I admired a clutch but it was eighty five dollars which is insane. Instead I bought myself a beautiful gingerbread biscuit from some nice girls running a Pretty Easter Things stall. 

It was $2.50.  That's more like it.

James went out at night so I had a hot date with Charcoal Kingdom. It was really tasty, especially that garlic sauce, but I'm not sure they gave me enough chips.

I guess you can't have everything.

Yesterday I went to Hurstville and got my hurr did. My hairdresser is called Michael and he is just about my favourite person in the world.  He's really fun and helpful and I never ever want to cry after I get home. AND he only charges twenty five bucks! He's at Eddie's Salon in Hurstville Westfield, just past the entrance with the Bubble Tea shop. (I know, but seriously trust me, you won't be sorry.)

Afterwards I did a little bit of shopping and tried on these sensational leopard print jeans. I didn't buy them, but I think I'll have to go back. I hope they don't sell out.

And if you're looking for some adequate groceries, look no further than this shop on Forest Rd:

As is our tradition, James and I had a date at night. We went to Sunny's - the seafood restaurant not the BBQ one - and had this big chilli mud crab. It was challenging but delicious.

I love weekends. Only three days until the next one!