Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Made Any Good Small Talk Lately?

I had lunch at Ham in Cronulla the other day. It was so good!

They had lactose free milk so I got to enjoy my first hot chocolate in a few months, thanks Harry and Mario!

This cupcake had the best icing I've ever tasted. I also tried one of those little flat-topped cakes with pastel icing that are in all the cafes these days, turns out they are super delicious coconut thingies! I was reminded of the macaroons (NOT macarons) I used to get at Miss Maud's circa 1996. 

James and I are developing a habit of going on dates every Sunday. Can't say I mind. 

We checked out Seven Lanterns at Sylvania recently, then changed our minds and went to an old school Chinese restaurant instead. Best decision.

The following week we went to Newtown for a cocktail at Corridor and a movie at the Dendy. 

The cocktails were superb.

The movie was not. It was Le Week-end - great performances, especially from Jeff Goldblum (hello if you're reading Jeff!), but we found it slow and miserable. 

This Glasshouse Hong Kong candle is the opposite of miserable. Emily gave it to me as a housewarming present and I was absolutely delighted to receive it. 

I had Mum, Betty and Nana over for afternoon tea the other day. 

As you can see I like them enough to drag out a tablecloth but not enough to iron it. 

My baby pretend-nephew O turned one last month! He had a Pirates and Princesses themed birthday featuring eight thousand children and this spectacular cake:

I think his grandma made this fruit salad pirate ship.

Speaking of fruit I am off to have a nice orange for a snack.

Serving suggestion: serve thinly sliced in a glass with Campari, vodka, ruby red grapefruit juice and tonic water. I made this up myself and it is delicious.