Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Date Night at Larousse French Restaurant, Brighton

Lately James and I have been trying to do a weekly Date Night. Last night we decided to go to Chez Pascal at Sans Souci, but when we got there it was shut so we went to another nearby French restaurant, Larousse at Brighton, instead. 

It wasn't a modern trendy posh restaurant at all, but everyone knows I love naff eateries so that was okay by me. It reminded me of somewhere I might have gone for a treat with my parents in the early 90s. 

The menu wasn't all that French really - salt and pepper squid was right next to escargot - but there were lots of nice options and they had a $35 two-course special, bargain! Service was really good too. 

I started with a fried Camembert which was pretty nice, though the cranberry sauce was straight from a jar and I wouldn't have minded a nice crusty bread to put it on. 

Jim had pâté, which was nothing on my mum's but if your mum isn't as fabulous as mine you would probably think it was pretty good. The bread with it was pretty cute. 

We both had the same main, veal with a creamy mushroom sauce. It tasted good and I liked the onion thingy on top, but as you can see the plating wasn't that attractive. It was the sort of thing one could easily make at home, but we did enjoy it. 

For dessert we had creme brûlée, my favourite! The top was undercooked so it didn't crack that nicely and it still had the texture of sugar granules, but the custard inside was yummy and very silky - though it could have been set a little more. 

We finished with some lovely after dinner mints, which I always consider a huge bonus. 

It sounds from this like the restaurant wasn't that good but honestly I did like it. It had a really cosy atmosphere and the food all tasted really nice, and it was great value for money, especially with their midweek special. It won't compete with fine dining or hipster places, but for an affordable midweek dinner date I definitely recommend it and would happily return. Seven berets out of ten. 

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