Friday, 17 May 2013

What A Treat

I've been busy and lazy and I broke my phone (with which I do all my photos and blogging) but look, I discovered these pictures that I saved a while ago and never added text to!

After my very first week of Actual Work, which seems forever ago now, I met my fellow grads (hello if you're reading!) for drinks:

Then I went to the Allawah Hotel for some drinks with my non-work friends! (Thanks Blake for driving me there.)

And a $12 schnitzel, which was excellent.

Emily was there too (hi Emily!), and between us we got six cocktails, two shots and two jugs of beer all for free. (Thank you very much to the guys who hooked us up with all these!)  Needless to say, it's my new favourite pub.

That same weekend I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Hazelhurst with James's family.  I don't remember what all these things were now but they were all tasty, you can get the deets from my Instagram (see sidebar on left) if you really want them.


And we had dinner the next night with James's sister and her fiance (now husband) - thank you for having us!


And in another news my Cookie Recipe post got 24 comments from bots so I am moderating comments from now on.  But you can still comment anonymously so go nuts!

Enjoy your weekend everyone xx

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