Saturday, 8 June 2013

Shippy Lately

Lately I have been going out a lot with my friends, which is just about my favourite thing to do.

Like for pizzas in Lugarno with Jim's netball team:

The food at Mancini's was really good, but the service was appalling. Our waiter acted like we were being total pains by wanting to, you know, patronise the business. He brought us another table's order and when we said we didn't order that he said "yes you did." - nice customer service mate!

Even more appalling, I'm pretty sure this guy was the owner! Maybe it's some sort of tax evasion thing a la The Producers and he's doing everything he can to run the business at a loss?

I also went on a harbour cruise for Vivid with my coworkers:

And to see The Great Gatsby at Dendy Newtown. 

I really enjoyed it. Obviously a movie based on a book will usually come off a little unfavourably in comparison, but it was visually spectacular and I loved the soundtrack to bits. All the actors were excellent and all in all I think it's a return to Baz's glory days. By which I mean Strictly Ballroom and Romeo + Juliet and NOT Moulin Rouge or Australia yuck. 

I'd give it at least 8.5/10, I'd definitely go again!
Naturally, I've also been stuffing my face at Bay Vista:


What's everyone else been up to lately?