Sunday, 6 October 2013

Birthday Princess

I had my birthday the weekend before last. I know lots of people don't get that excited about birthdays once they're past childhood but not me, I love my birthday!

The night before, some of my best lady friends treated me to dinner with a veritable buffet of BYO beverages:

After which we went to the pub for karaoke. It was such fun! I made all my friends sing the Grease Megamix and I even got a lady called Valerie (who I don't know) to sing Valerie for me. Thanks friends and Valerie!

Cara and I made a bet which neither of us won so we both had to drink the Cocktail of the Month - I forget what was in it but it was something like equal parts petrol and cough syrup topped with creaming soda.

Emily made me a birthday cake - I didn't take a photo but it was delicious, thanks Em! I'm so lucky to have such a kind friend - she also gave some lovely gifts including the fabulous tiara below:

On my actual birthday Jimmy gave me this big box - can you guess what was inside?

Tada! A pink KitchenAid! I may or may not have squealed when I saw it...

Thanks James I love it!!!!!

After I opened the Best Gift Ever, James told me to put on something comfy and not too fancy for a surprise birthday date. But he also said "I'd better start making the picnic"...

We borrowed his dad's car and drove down to the national park. 

When we got there Jim hired a boat and rowed us down the river for a picnic!

The food was really delicious too. Well played Jimmy!


  1. happy birthday! got my kitchen aid a decade ago and luff it x

    1. Thank you! I have been wanting a K A for ages, feel so lucky!