Monday, 27 August 2012

Spice Cellar

James bought a voucher for 2 cocktails and 3 tapas dishes at The Spice Cellar in Martin Place a while ago, and we used it the other night for a fun date.
The Spice Cellar is on Pitt St and it was very trendy, the kind of cool place we wouldn't normally even go, but it was great!  It was super dark inside (hence the lousy snaps, sorry!) and they had live jazz music, as you do.
We started with our cocktails:
Moscow Girl (fruity, citrusy and vodkatastic) & City Life (tequila with honey and lemon - Jim loved it).  The website doesn't have prices but I think they were about $17.
Then it was time for foods!
Chilli and Garlic Prawns (flamed in brandy and served with lime whipped cream), $15
These didn't really have a strong chilli and garlic flavour, but they were extremely tasty.  The serving was generous too, there were four prawns but they were huge!
Roast Pumpkin Wedges (with smoked chilli chipotle aioli), $7
We actually bought these as an extra side; they were very yummy but the sauce was a bit hot for me.  James ate most of them, but I didn't care because I got a bonus prawn!
Za'atar Chicken (sumac & sesame crusted chicken with romesco roast red capsicum relish), $13
I love sesame seeds so I thought this chicken was pretty nice, but it was REALLY spicy.  I found it a bit difficult to eat, but it would be a great choice if you're into spicy food.
Chicken Liver Pate (served with pickled cabbage and red onion jam), $10
This also had regular pickles and pickled onion with it, and it was amazing.  James and I both love pate, but we'd never thought to try it with anything pickled.  I couldn't believe how unexpectedly delicious it was!  The pate wasn't as good as Mum's, but it was really close.  I was tempted to order a second plate of it.
The live jazz was pretty cool and the overall atmosphere was just really fun and different.  And here's a snap of the wall in the corridor that leads to the toilets:
It wasn't exactly cheap, but I thought the value for money was very good.  The prices are the same as at any cocktails & tapas place, and the menu was much more exciting than our usual tapas restaurants offer.  The food was delicious and the cocktails were really creative, and it was a fun venue in a great location.  I'd definitely go back without a voucher.
The only real downside was that they'd run out of scallops, which I'd planned to order, but I hardly felt I was missing out when our lovely food arrived.  And I was impressed that they told us straight away, instead of waiting until we ordered and then coming back from the kitchen telling us to pick something else.
I'd recommend this place to anyone, but especially to someone going on a first date, because it's loud enough that you won't notice awkward silences, and unique enough that you'll find plenty of things to comment on if the conversation does stall.
On the train home we did some puzzles in MX.
Then we stopped for a thrifty dessert at Maccas!
This is a soft serve in a sundae lid, with chocolate sauce and Maltesers on top.  It cost a dollar thirty!


    Mah name is on yo' MX crossword!!!

    1. Hahaha, consider yourself immortalised!

  2. That chicken sounds amazing, I love spicy so I am basically licking the screen.

    1. It was pretty delicious, you should go there if you ever get the chance! So many tasty things to choose from.

  3. that dessert looks amazing!!! ;)

    cute blog too!


  4. love all these songs. Have you seen the movie about Joy Division? Think it was 24 hour party people but I might be wrong. It was v. sad in a lot of ways.

    1. I'm guessing you meant to write that on the post about the list of songs but no I haven't! I really wanted to - actually I think I must have heard about it from your blog in the first place. Thanks for reminding me!