Friday, 24 August 2012

Assorted Food

I sure eat a lot.  Here is some evidence.
These delightful juices were from Pavement Cafe in Sylvania, where James and I went last weekend.
He had calamari.  I had poached eggs with hollandaise.
On Tuesday we want to a cafe at uni - I think it's called Out to Lunch?
And we also went to our fave local Thai, Thai Ingah.
I love these Lemon King Prawns so much.
A while ago I saw Magic Mike with some of the girls (so terrible and fabulous!) and we had pizzas afterwards at Big Al's.
That's my favourite Tandoori Chicken pizza, but it wasn't as good as it was the first time (see the right sidebar for a pic).
Emily was there, lookin' fab:
Everyone knows my Mum is a great cook, but did you know my Nana is as well?  She made us the yummiest Shepherd's Pie:
Hi Nana if you're reading!  Thanks for all the lovely dinners you make us.
I went with my parents and Betty to Antonio's Pizzeria a while ago.  It's really nice.
Have you ever had one of these:
It's a Tiger from Harry's Cafe de Wheels.  I first discovered them when I saw a list of the 50 best foods in Sydney in that magazine that comes with the Herald, and decided that James and I should try to eat them all.   Unfortunately it features lots of $250 degustations, but we have discovered a few cool things.
Last week I went to Trivia Night at the Crest.  They have $6 cocktails!
We came first!  Yay!
And then we went to Bay Vista.
And here are some tasty things from the Food Court to finish us off:
What have you all been eating lately?

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