Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Weekend With Delta

Last weekend we went out to King's Cross for Amy's birthday.

We ate delicious Mexican food and drank margaritas at Barrio Chino. We evaded a drunk stalker (hello if you are reading!) and spotted Chris Lilley at the Kings Cross Hotel. We drank Sours (mine was Amaretto; it was nice but I didn't love it) at the Backroom and listened to a DJ play the same six songs on a loop.

The best fun was when we went to Kit and Kaboodle. I thought the music was brill and so did Delta Goodrem. Yeah that's right, Delta was in the house!  Hi Delta if you're reading!

I missed Chris earlier in the night but I have seen celebrities before, including Cosima DeVito, Wil Anderson, most of the cast of Home and Away and a few sports guys whose names I mostly forget. Shannon Noll used to shop at our IGA. I never get excited, I just think 'oh that Home and Away girl's at this party...right near the dip! Yum!' and go about my business.

But you guys, I was SO EXCITED about Delta. I don't even know any of her songs after Innocent Eyes (did she even have any songs after that?) and I find her a bit annoying on The Voice, getting confused about intellectual property and whereabouts the vocal cords are located, but I was just like ZOMG DELTA!!!!!!!!!!!!! and kept trying to see her through her entourage. Seal wasn't with her, which is a shame - but then, imagine how I'd react if I spotted someone of whom I'm actually a fan.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of what the ladies were wearing:

Becky, Meg, Amy

Me, Becky, Meg (less blurry in real life)

My dress is from Kmart. I went a bit The Nanny and wore it with leopard heels from Loeman's, I mean Target.

The boys joined us too - thanks guys for coming along!

And thanks Amy for such a fun night out! Happy birthday!!

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  1. Thanks for being there, Shipmeister! And you, boys!