Monday, 12 August 2013

Banker For A Day

I had last Monday off work for Bank Holiday (even though I don't actually work in a bank at all). I was pretty thrilled to have a free weekday so I really made the most of it. 

I did some laundry and drove to my parents' place to hang it out because I couldn't fit it on our little washing line.

I wasn't sick but my doctor is only open weekdays 9-5 so I figured I might as well pop in. I have asthma in manner of Sickly Child in 1950s novel and it had been bothering me more than usual so I got some new stuff for it.

I went to the RTA and got my Green Ps (I lived on the edge and just rocked up without doing a practice test so I was really relieved I passed).

I scored some excellent bargains at the op shop. 

I went to work for a little bit because I'm a total chump. 

I met my mum for lunch. 

We did a bit of shopping - I spent $50 but also returned $50 worth of stuff so v thrifty really - then visited my Nana. Hello Nana if you're reading!

I went back to my parents' for my laundry. By this point my asthma was actually getting pretty bad so I was glad I'd been to the doctor. 

Luckily mum gave me some leftovers to take home for dinner so I didn't have to think about cooking, I just chucked some root veggies in the oven and microwaved some peas then got on with lying about feeling sorry for myself. 

By the end of the night my breathing was so bad I could barely sleep, and long story short I had the flu as well as asthma and I had to take the whole entire week off work.

It was boring as all heck - I was actually glad to come back to the office today.

And tonight I have a Hot Date with my friend Ben! (Hello if you're reading! See you soon!)

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